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Tolle 41mm forks with wide-glide adjustable rake triple trees
This front end comes from Sweden and is made by Tolle, the famous fork manufacturer who invented the adjustable-rake triple trees in order to achieve perfect trail for great handling and safety also on choppers with super long forks. Machined out of top quality aluminum and beautifully finished. Tolle triple trees allow fork angle adjustment for maximum road holding and performance, no matter the length of your fork. The lower end of the triple trees has open slots in the rear to properly secure the tubes. Adjustable at 0, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +9, +10, +11, +12, +13, +14, +15, +16, +17 rake! Tolle fork legs include hard chromed tubes, ball milled polished sliders with hidden wheel axle, hydraulic and progressive spring kit, spacer to adjust spring pressure. Kit includes also fender mounts, wheel axle, caliper brackets for PM 2-piston, PM 4-piston or stock evo type calipers to be used with 11.5 rotors. These are brand new items!!!

  ST001  (12H) Tolle fork 41mm wide-glide adjustable rake 37 long with ball-milled lower legs polished (original price $2665.62) $1935.00