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Moonline swingarm for softails
Machined out of a single block of top quality aluminum. It fits on stock type evolution softail frames. On stock softails you must install aftermarket rear caliper, caliper bracket and exhaust system, since the stock ones cannot fit. It will allow the mounting of up to 180 tires without any modifications. Swingarm features hidden wheel axle and integrated taillights / rear turn signals. Kit includes red, amber and blue lenses. Kit does not include wheel spacers and splash guard. This is a swingarm that we used for display purposes at trade shows: it has some scratches on the bottom surfaces of the billet plates, which can be easily polished away or ignored since once mounted are not going to be visible.

  SL0810-P  swingarm moonline with right license plate bracket for evo softail frame polished (original price $2291.83) $1050.00