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Illegal mirrors
You cannot see much out of them, but they are extremely cool! Mirror glass is blue tinted. Mounting stud is M10x1.25mm. Glass dimensions: width 5, height 0.60. Overall dimensions: width 6.30, height 4.33. Sold in pairs. NOTE: these mirrors were designed to be a direct bolt-on part for metric cruisers. For installation on Harley type controls you need to purchase the specific mirror adapters, which are sold separately and individually.

  301-280  (30F) mirrors illegal chromed - pair $73.52
  301-282  (30F) mirrors illegal black - pair $73.52
  304-008  (30F) mirror adapter for harley type controls chromed - sold individually $11.31
  304-009  (30F) mirror adapter for harley type controls black - sold individually $11.31