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Alcatraz headlight
Our Alcatraz headlight housing and grill are available in different finishes, so you can get the custom look and color combination that best matches the style of your bike. It features a 4 inch diameter and will look great on any old school chopper and bobber. Headlamp and mounting bracket are included. A specific headlight bracket for Springer models is sold separately.

  42-99-490  bracket for alcatraz headlight on springer forks $165.38
  42-99-570  headlight alcatraz polished - polished grill $732.38
  42-99-580  headlight alcatraz black - black grill $756.00
  42-99-590  headlight alcatraz flat black - flat black grill $756.00
  42-99-600  headlight alcatraz polished - brass grill $921.38
  42-99-610  headlight alcatraz black - brass grill $921.38
  42-99-620  headlight alcatraz flat black - brass grill $921.38
  42-99-710  headlight alcatraz black - polished grill $756.00